1996 - 2:1 BA(Hons) - Manchester Metropolitan University

2002 - PGCE - Manchester Metropolitan University

2012 - Distinction MA Maker Teacher - Manchester Metropolitan University



1999 - Drumcroon Arts Award



2016 - Turnpike Art Gallery

2016 - Sale Waterside Gallery

2016 - Ordsall Hall

2017 - Stretford Public Hall


2015 - 'Ordering the Chaos'

Julie K Holt Walsh graduated from Manchester University in 1996 and later won 1st prize at Drumcroon Art Gallery, Wigan.  Since then, as well as continuing to create her own artwork, Julie has worked as an art teacher and leader in a primary school.  Her pupils have exhibited work in many prestigious buildings including the Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum.  In 2012 Julie completed her Masters Degree and was awarded a distinction.  Julie continues to create in the hope of giving her ideas a visual voice.  She is currently a member of SAC32 (Stretford Arts Collective) and has an art studio at Stretford Public Hall.

Part 1

Julie is interested in collecting objects in the form of seeds and insects, things that have been randomly discarded to the ground, chaotically thrown away by nature.  These findings are then carefully placed in an efficient manner.  Therefore the system is in a sense 'Ordering the Chaos.'  The work is encased in enclosures where controlled elements are exposed through peepholes, windows or zipped doors.

Part 2

Julie chooses to use insect body parts, bird skeletons and feathers, crabs etc to make 'insect beings.' This means recycling and dissecting the organs and developing them into something new.  The concept of having the sculptures encased has now progressed into an ever-expanding, life sized pod where work can be created and sculptures stored, a structure that can be easily erected anywhere at anytime (forest, museum, beach, road, supermarket).  This enables Julie to  be independent and self sufficient.

Part 3

In Julie's recent work, the skeletal character's have developed into story tellers, set in nutural, paper mache surroundings that depict a certain scene from her personal life.  Julie finds it difficult to convey emotions and so has used the figures as 'puppets' to depict her feelings about situations she has witnessed that have particularly traumatised her.

About the Artist

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